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“Strategic thinking is not something we’re all gifted with. You need to be able to think in paradoxes. For example knowing how to drive long term growth while achieving necessary short term gains. How to leverage your business’ experience and history while transforming it into a completely new structure. We rely on our 10+ years experience in corporate and startup business experience when developing your digital marketing strategy.”

How we create your Digital Strategy

Strategic Objectives

You can't develop a strategy overnight. It's crucial to first know your values (what's important to you), your vision (what do you want to become), and your mission (the reason for setting up your business). After that, it'll be easier to define your strategic objectives.


Customer Journey = everything (Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Retention, and Advocacy). Every company should be 200% client focused in today's highly competitive environment. We research who are your most potential customers.


We all don't like it how ads are following us around. However, if done in a subtle and ethical manner, being targeted doesn't have to be that bad. It can actually help us to find the things we really want or need. That is how we approach targeting.


We find out what digital channels or platforms we can use to communicate with your target, and in which ways people consume content within those channels. Clearly, you need to adjust your content to each and every channel.


Content marketing is about telling your brand's story in an engaging, educational and entertaining way - without trying to sell. By creating relevant and inspiring content, you can turn potential customers into paying customers.


With data analytics we can measure the effects of our strategy. Do people consume our content as expected? We measure every click. Based on the numbers and our benchmarks, we adjust our strategy fast and test it again.

Strategy Packages

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Package A

Budget: $2500 - $5000

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Business owners that have little to no experience with online strategies. We start from scratch and deliver a robuust strategic plan with 12 month support.

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Package B

Budget: $5000+

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Business owners that have tried to implement online strategies but not succeeded in their goals. We review and adjust your plans according to new research and market analysis. Includes 12 months support.

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Package C

Budget: $0

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I am considering taking the North-Route but I have more questions.

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We work from Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Tallinn (Estonia), and Chengdu (China). 

Our clients have seen double-digit growth in their respective online markets after collaborating with North-Route. We have had the honor to work for some of Asia’s most exciting blockchain projects and start-ups to grow their online presence and communities. We’ve created dozens of landing pages and websites for clients that are all satisfied and happy with the results.

We mostly work remotely, but if there is a need to physically meet we are happy to do so. We preferably use zoom, Skype, or any other video conference app to communicate, and emails to send reports and updates. We have a weekly meeting with Strategy Package clients to discuss progress.

We deliver your Strategic Digital Marketing Plan within 8 weeks. The plan includes a 6-month implementation schedule for you to take on. After those 6 months, we guarantee positive results. We will keep providing support for a year to your business, which includes (but is not limited to) a monthly call.

We always have two North Route consultants working on every package: One project manager and one assistant. You will communicate with the project manager.

We include keyword research to help you create content faster, easier, and better focused. Except for websites, we do not produce content directly for our clients. We work together with a Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok if our clients request content production.

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