Strategic Web Design

Focused on user experience and search engines

We create websites based on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), User Experience (UX), and Persuasive Web Design techniques. All our websites are optimised for speed and usability. A website that delivers value to your customers will return value to you!



Simple but effective
  • Responsive design
  • Fast load time
  • SSL site security
  • Value proposition
  • Call to actions (CTA)
  • Headings
  • Optimised images
  • Google Analytics


Multi-pages optimised
  • All features of 'Essential' +
  • Content wireframe
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Brand colour scheme
  • Meta titles
  • Descriptive URLs
  • Email opt-in


Client captivation
  • All features of 'Pro' +
  • Info architecture
  • Site internal linking
  • User flow design
  • Keyword research
  • Meta descriptions
  • Opt-in A/B testing
  • VIP support

All websites we build are...

...customised with WordPress

Your website will be crafted with WordPress and customised with plugins to suit your needs. We never use the same template for multiple clients. You can expect a unique website that is produced solely for your purpose.

...hosted on stable & fast servers

If you do not have your own hosting provider, we can take care of hosting for you free of charge (the first year) in this package. All of our websites are hosted on reliable and fast servers in the Netherlands. 1st & smooth

Nowadays, over 50% of online visitors comes to your website through mobile phone. The experience from a mobile phone is vastly different than from desktop. Speed is a deciding factor for keeping visitors around, so making sure your site loads fast on all devices is essential.

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