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"The elaborate work on our content strategy surpassed our expectations. Our entire field of expertise was laid down in front of us in a structured way that we never saw this detailed before. We now have enough keywords to fuel our content production for two years.
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Content Strategy

The Internet is so vast, that it’s confusing to grasp the avenues for diving on to grow your existing business or new start up. A guaranteed method to your success is to write great pieces of content offering valuable insights to others in your area of expertise.

Content is still the King of The Internet; and doing that masterfully will gain you rankings, get your desired visitors to your website, and increase sales – long term and without expensive ads! But where should you start and what to publish in the first place? At North Route, we help thriving businesses to develop a structure that works for web users as well as for search engines.

Content Strategy Steps

Technical phase

Starting from € 1490

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1. Keyword research

Developing the core; generating keyword ideas that assing business value to your website. Hence, we know how to proceed with the next step – analysing the competitor sites for the same target keywords.

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2. Competitor gap analysis

We research your competitors to find out why they are ranking on Google. By this we can discover the ’content gaps’ – keywords and topics that you should talk about.

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3. Content architecture

This is where a ’topic cluster’ comes in; a group of interlinked pages. The cluster is made of one piece of pillar content page which is a broad topic targeting your main business keywords. That itself is linked to several other related, narrowly-focused, blog posts.


Content Strategy Steps

Executional phase

Starting from € 190

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1. Content production

Ok, you got the strategy – now what? Start writing and publishing, or hire us! We can write for you, with the voice of your brand and your target audience in mind. Matching the writing style to an audience's literacy level is the key to resonate with your readers, and make them respond to your call to actions.

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2. Design online blog

Having a business blog page that’s visually appealing and ready to convert readers goes hand in hand with the rest of your website. We design the layout with sidebars and opt-ins, so it encourages readers to stay on your blog.


3. Design, publishing and SEO

The last step is to get your blog posts on the site – formatted for the reader and optimised for the search engine. It may take quite an effort to get it all done properly - we do it for you.

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