Mission & Values

Our mission

We help great ideas come to life with the help of web based technology. Our mission is to deliver excellent results for our clients, within the budget, on time.

Our clients are small and medium sized companies who are either not familiar with the opportunities online, or not able to act upon those opportunities due to a lack of resources.


We work according to a set of values that we hold very strictly. These values are:

  1. The customer is our priority (If we are busy, we are busy with our customers).
  2. Respect (if there’s 1 thing we don’t like it’s being treated with no respect. Therefore we would never treat someone else with no respect. We are as open minded towards others as it gets).
  3. Trust (we do what we say, and we say what we do).
  4. Efficiency (We don’t like to waste your time, and we don’t like to waste our time. We always seek for new ways to be more efficient, which improves the quality of our work as well).
  5. Effectiveness (Although efficiency was mentioned first: we really don’t like wasting anyone’s time) we value effectiveness as much. Getting things done and seeing results is what drives us.
  6. Curiosity (We love our work because we get to work on so many different projects. Every client needs a different approach and we are curious and flexible enough to take on any challenge).
  7. Flexibility (We value your weekend, our weekend, and everyone’s weekend. But if there is no other way, we don’t mind working all weekend). 
  8. Thinking big (Although we don’t assume to become the next Google, we do have high ambitions. Our aim is to become a global player in the technology service market. We need strong customer results to make that happen).

Our Vision

Curious to how we think on a deeper level?