This is a collection of our thoughts that have moved us into starting North Route as a technology consulting agency. Although the first thought is the most important one, the rest of the thoughts are all in random order. These thoughts give us the energy every day to work hard and serve our customers with our fullest attention.

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of thoughts. We actually think more than these thoughts. We add more and more thoughts as we discuss with other people about them.

  • We believe that the current disruptive technological developments will not stop but only increase in size, scope, and speed. We do not know whether this is good or bad. All we see is that it’s happening all around us.
  • We believe that this development will significantly affect every person on earth. And therefore it’s in the interest of everyone to become familiar with the consequences of technological change.
  • We believe computer science is about to get disrupted by quantum computers, which will change everything about how we think about technology today. Soon, today’s technology may be viewed as extremely primitive.
  • We believe that the Internet Of Things is one of the most profound developments currently in the world. When devices will be able to communicate, it will change our relationship with them forever.
  • We believe technology is currently increasing inequality in the world, and the way technology is used by people is not optimal for our society.
  • We believe it is a responsibility of everyone, but especially of the wealthiest and smartest people in the world to change the direction of (in)equality.
  • We believe technology is supposed to relieve us from work and provide us with more time. So far this only happened to the lucky few, while most people in fact became busier.
  • We believe the Internet is undergoing a crucial test right now. A test of whether the original principles behind it (decentralization and anonymity) can be maintained.
  • The exponentially growing open source software development is an incredible positive force that recently has been propelled by companies like Github and platforms like WordPress.