Graphic Design

Factually it’s a subset of visual communication and communication design. 

“I liked the first version the most” is a comment that a graphic designer often gets after designing dozens of versions of a graphic for a client. Why is the first version often best? Because inspiration flow most when the paper is blank. However, “the customer is always right”, so we provide you with plenty of options to choose from. After all, you know your target market better than we do. 

EOS open office is a new concept whereby EOS supporters from all over the world can work together in a new environment. 

For Group Tibet Tour we made simple easy to share flyers for their tours to Tibet. 

Party flyers are always fun to make. The objective is to interest the right people for the party. You don’t want to have en empty dance floor, do you?

Dust Till Dawn is the brainchild of Yang Bing. This underground music label is a one of kind in China. These are some of the graphics we made for their events.

We love to make simplistic logo’s for cool initiatives. These are a small selection of what we did, super fast and cost effective.

Walk On Air was an underground music event that became very popular in 2015 and 2016. With an always changing but create graphic design, the event attracted lots of cool youngsters.

For the Dutch fashion week in Dalian we made booklet that showcases the style and content that was required by the client. 

These are the graphics for the newly established Crypto Mondays. With lots of content, we tried to keep the poster as clean and calm as possible. After all, the crypto currency markets are volatile enough!

Some more Walk On Air designs we made over the years. We always tried to get an elevated feeling across. 

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