Website add-ons

Do I need add-ons?

If you want your website to perform special functions such as selling products, allowing for memberships, or (hotel)bookings, you are able to configure that with the following add-ons. There are 60 thousand plugins for WordPress. We focus on the most stable, code friendly, and useful ones.


Woocommerce is the most versatile and solid  e-commerce plugin available for WordPress. Woocommerce comes with hundreds of its own add-ons of which we master the most crucial ones.

Membership websites

We can add a full scale membership functionality to your website with the most popular and trusted membership plugins. Paid Membership Pro is one of them. With it, you can sell subscription accounts, and create an affiliate network around your online business.

Hotel Booking Functionality

Do you accept guests in your guesthouse in hotel? Do you want to control your own bookings online on your very own website, next to using or other platforms? It’s possible and it will bring more business to you.

Learning Management System

Do you want to offer courses to students or employees? Do you want them to finish with an exam and give them accreditation afterwards? There are virtually unlimited settings possible with LMS applications.

Email Marketing Automation

Automated email marketing is now possible with several high profile software plugins that can added to your WordPress website. Note: everyone advises to use email marketing, but we recommend only to do this when you have the resources to be consistent.