Case Study

Relevant China Jobs – Job Platform

We are very happy with the site! The web pages load fast in China as well as abroad. It was our main concern. The site is well designed and does everything we requested. We recommend North-Route to anyone who needs a well functioning site.

Bessy Tang
Owner RCJ

Finding Jobs and Finding Staff

The website allows visitors to subscribe as either a job seeker or a job provider. As a job seeker you are able to register, upload your information to create an online resume, and apply for jobs directly on the platform. As an employer, you are able to purchase job listings, list jobs, and find potential candidates by viewing resumes.

Account Management and Alipay Integration

Everyone who registers has an account page with full control over his or her job listings, resumes, applications, and more. We a built in web shop including Alipay integration this website is readily made for China.

About the client

RelevantChina is a Chinese based Recruitment company specialized in finding jobs for foreigners in China. Operating since many years, Relevant China decided to take their business to the next level with a platform for Online Job Search.

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