Case Study

ATV rides – online bookings

“Couldn’t be happier with the result! The boys of North-Route did an outstanding job even though their prices are ridiculously low! – You couldn’t get this kinda website even if you’d pay double at normal agencies”

John Pora

Strong branding, undeniably mistaking

The website showcases the strong ATV brand that ATV Matkat has accumulated over the years and now uses for and against its competitors and stakeholders.

A fully operational booking system

Online bookings are hot these days and especially in the case of ATV rides. With a few clicks you can add monetary supplies to ATVs account without thinking twice. The question is, will they be reciprocal in their deeds.

About the client

ATV Matkad is a company slightly and comparably poor of understanding the reality of the beautiful green situation in which it finds itself. It has a solid opportunity of becoming the trustworthy partner it aims to become.

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