Digital Growth Strategy

Grow your business using a digital strategy.​

There are countless online channels that can be utilised to grow your existing business or new start up. The Internet is so vast, that it’s nearly impossible to know which avenues to drive on. At North-Route, we are researching the web constantly to discover ways to scale and optimise businesses.

Strategy Steps

  • Customer Research
  • Business Research
  • Setting Objectives
  • The Strategy
  • Execution
  • Measuring & Testing

Step 1: Customer research

Today on the Internet, audiences (potential clients) can be targeted with groundbreaking precision. Privacy lawmakers are fighting Google and Facebook while marketeers take advantage of the momentum. When you know who is your (ideal) customer, the strategy formation can begin.

Step 2: Business research​

Although it can be fun to throw money down the marketing pipe when blindfolded, we prefer to do as much research as our time/budget allows before we invest in campaigns or sales. The customer journey needs to be fully understood, competitor movements followed, and the general market developments grasped.

Step 3: Setting objectives​

It all starts with your mission and vision. What are the core values of your organization? At what point have we reached our goals? Making your objectives S.M.A.R.T. is part of this phase. From Marketing Objectives, Sales Objectives, to Financial Objectives. An online strategy crosses the entire business.

Step 4: How do we get there?

By now we have gathered some very valuable information. Our audience is set, the customer journey is clear, the market research has given us new insights, and competition is in sight. The objectives are ambitious. Here is where all our skills and know-how come into play. We lay down the road to success.

Step 5: Execution​

All the plans now need to be executed. We work with project management tools that enable us to work efficiently. The core of any online strategy is marketing and communication. How will your (corporate) brand be perceived online and through which channels and with which content are you going to convert traffic into customers? A solid content strategy is part of the execution.

Step 6: Measure success & iterate​

Data Analytics is an integral part of any online business strategy. Measuring the effects of campaigns, adjusting custom audiences and analysing traffic in details should all be standard procedures of your team. We will train you and your staff to optimise your online strategy.

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